The Next Chapter for Two Happy Couples

Sold- $700k
2661 Wakefield Ave., Oakland

Listed- $938k
19 Congo Street, San Francisco

Working in real estate can be exhilarating. Seeing life unfold for couples and families is what keeps me on this wild roller-coaster ride as the market goes up and down. I want to tell you about riding the waves of change with two very different couples recently. One pair is just starting out in life and buying their first home in Oakland, while the other couple is selling their San Francisco home as a means of retirement.

As we all know, getting into the real estate market is not easy in the Bay Area. After writing 4 offers, the buyers closed on a home that is perfect for them. They have big plans for their new 4-bedroom, 2-bath, split-level home. They’ll live in the top level, and rent out the bottom to help pay the mortgage. It’s on a large lot they can transform into a gardening/entertaining haven.

The retiring couple is all about transformation, too. I helped them buy their SF home for $479K back in 2012. Six years later, they’ve just accepted an offer to sell it for the exact target amount they told me they wanted when they decided to work with me for the second time. They are so happy that they decided to stop renting in 2012 and purchase a home that they loved living in that now became a life-changing investment for their future. Both couples got more than they expected when they decided to take the leap and invest in real estate.

It truly is a beautiful thing!

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