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I really appreciate everyone who has worked with me. Not only have you chose me to represent you with your home purchase or sale, you’ve gone above and beyond to include me as a friend and neighbor.

Lisa is an incredible partner in the journey to purchase a home. She came highly recommended from a friend, and was willing to work with us even though we were unsure of our timeframe for purchase. She patiently answered all our questions, had excellent referrals for every step along the (i.e. mortgage banker, inspector, title company), and worked tirelessly on our behalf to find the right place. She never pressured us to go one way or another and took special care to understand what we really wanted in a new home. She answered many (MANY) questions and always got back to us quickly any time we reached out. She regularly had access to listings before they were posted, and shared deep knowledge of what inspection reports would mean in terms of additional investment in the property after purchase. She has a deep deep understanding of real estate in the Bay Area and always has a pulse on current trends. She offered solid advice, but never is a pushy way. She’s down to earth, and works with clients in every price range. I cannot wait for a friend to be on the market to purchase a home so I can recommend they contact Lisa to help them. We saw many properties with Lisa, but she had a gem that was off market to show us. It was the perfect fit. And she navigated it flawlessly with incredibly open communication and absolutely no pressure to continue forward. Lisa is incredible!

I wish I could work with her again, but I’m so happy with my home, so I’ll just have to settle for telling other people to work with her!


Heather M.
Oakland, CA, 03/04/2021


Lisa is an amazing go getter! She came highly recommended to us by an old friend. She helped us sell our old home quickly & then guided us through the process of buying our new home in the current crazy Covid-19 marketplace.

She’s a professional, confident, & knowledgeable.


Nate M.
San Francisco, CA, 01/27/2021

Lisa is amazing to work with. She’s always on time, proactive and has a great attitude. We started searching for a place to buy in August and she was willing to look both in Oakland and San Francisco during the pandemic (with all the safety precautions in place of course). We looked at a TON of places in a short amount of time and eventually, I found my dream condo in Jack London. I even won a bidding war for the place with her guidance!

I highly recommend her and if I ever sell this place I’ll definitely work with her again in the future.


Kye H.
San Francisco, CA, 01/22/2021

She is educated and up-to-date (Jan 2021) about the market, laws, trends, rates, and homebuying process. She is incredibly professional and genial all the while. Her process and strategy are straight forward and understandable. She answers any and all questions you may ever have and will work diligently for you at all hours! A very hard worker, she is loyal to your search and understands your needs. She works constantly to search for a home that is right for you and right for your budget. On top of the all-encompassing work she does as an industrious realtor, she is also incredibly kind and thoughtful! One of the best housewarming gifts by far is knowing we went through the home hunting and buying process with the best! 10/10 I wholeheartedly recommend Lisa for all of your home buying needs as I am thankful my family and friends did for me. She has my absolute faith and loyalty as a customer and friend.

Melissa C.
San Francisco, CA, 01/12/2021

I was referred to Lisa a few years ago through a co-worker when I decided to search for my first home. I feel very fortunate to have had this recommendation as Lisa has been a great leader in my search. She is knowledgeable, friendly and VERY patient. She is a rare gem in the sense that she really does want what is best for you. She is not out to make a quick buck or rush you into anything you don’t feel comfortable with. She takes her time to figuring out what is best for you as a person, what can make YOU happy. I finally did find a great home, within my budget at a great rate and close to work. In the future when I look for a second property or if I do relocate she will be the first person I reach out to. I trust her and her team and can’t see me working with anyone else.


Lisa is truly the best! As a first time home buyer in SF I walked into this experience 1. terrified and 2. confused. She could not have made the entire experience from start to finish any easier for me. At all times she was positive, informed and aware of my wants. Everything about her demeanor made me feel at ease.

From the moment that we met to talk through my possibilities and my wish list, she made sure to listen to everything and anything I shared and took all of it into account when starting my home buying journey.

We searched high and low for about 5 months before finding my dream home. She was available every step of the way and never slowed down even with my long wish list.

I walked away so grateful of my experience that I have told anyone who may be interested in buying to go with Lisa. I could not be happier with my experience 🙂

Cynthia B

Lisa is a dream to work with. My husband and I were first time home buyers in the East Bay and were introduced to Lisa by a mutual acquaintance (who’d also bought a home with her). She demystified the process, listened super closely to our list of must-haves and would-likes, and was very knowledgeable about neighborhoods and inventory in Oakland, even though she’s based out of San Francisco. At no point did we ever feel pressured by Lisa to bid outside of our range or to put an offer on a house that we didn’t love. And, because of her, we now own our dream home, which was actually one of the very first houses we saw and the only offer we put on! Where Lisa shines is writing clean offers that get accepted. Her background in titles is invaluable in that regard. She project managed our escrow officer and our mortgage contact at the bank so well and kept our 17 day (!) escrow as low-stress as possible. She’s incredibly available and rolls her sleeves up to get things done. When we were looking at houses, she’d whip out her flashlight to look at foundations and electrical; when we were closing, she would drive out to Oakland multiple times a day to make sure we were taken care of and that everything would clear on time. Because of her hard work, cheerful attitude, and trustworthiness, we have no problem recommending Lisa to anyone who’s looking to buy or sell a house in San Francisco!

Sharon H.

We first met Lisa at an open house in San Francisco back in February of 2018; she followed up with me a few months later when we had decided to sell my below-market-rate condo in San Francisco. We cannot say enough good things about working with Lisa. She has a vast amount of experience working in the Bay Area real estate market. Lisa helped sell my below-market-rate condo in the city; she made the process extremely easy and kept me well informed. She also helped buy our new home in Oakland. She took the extra time to travel to Oakland on multiple weekends and took us to MANY open houses. She provided us with knowledgeable opinions and was very patient with us. We were looking for the perfect house, in a very specific area of Oakland. When we did find it, she told us exactly what to offer to get our offer accepted. And it did! Again, she made the buying process very easy, and she was always available for us. To say that her efforts were tireless would be an understatement. We highly recommend Lisa.

Merle D. and Joseph O.

Lisa represented both myself (the seller) and the buyer in a private sale. She guided us through the process, helping us with regulatory processes we didn’t know about and made sure the transaction was completed as scheduled even though I was out of the country on the closing day. She is very responsive and always there with good advice but never pushy. We could not have done it without her.

Yuki T.
San Francisco, CA, 1/30/2019

Lisa helped me with the purchase of my investment property. She is very knowledgeable in every step of the process and certainly went above and beyond an agent’s responsibilities to help with everything.I’m extremely satisfied with her superb work and I would highly recommend her to my friends and anyone looking for an awesome and exceptional real estate agent. Thanks Lisa and I hope to work with you again in the future.
San Francisco, CA, 1/14/2019

Never did I fully allow myself to dare or hope that I would own a home in San Francisco. My heart literally ached at the thought of leaving the city, and I wanted nothing more than being able to raise my 3-year-old child here. I tried to resign myself to the fact that I would be a forever renter, told myself that rent control was good and even flirted with the idea of moving to Sacramento, Portland or Austin.

Well with Lisa’s help, one my dearest dreams has literally come true! In less than a month, from start to finish, my husband and I closed on a beautiful condo by the beach where my 3-year-old son can run and play! I no longer have to leave San Francisco-because of Lisa’s help we can stay here forever!!

One thing you should also know about my family’s situation-we are not the typical rich, tech SF buyer you hear about all over the media. We are not in tech, we did not come in at all cash and we were able to get a piece of property (condo) in San Francisco proper (Outer Richmond) for under 1 million dollars. Unfortunately, a lot of real estate agents won’t even work with buyers who are looking under $1 million-but not Lisa-she honored our situation and worked with us to find a home that we loved and in our budget. She made what seem impossible, possible and she did it a short amount of time!

From start to finish, Lisa was impeccable, warm, friendly and professional. She started us off on the right foot by introducing us to Wency of Private Mortgage Advisors. I knew that having the right type of financing was important, especially in the hyper competitive market in San Francisco but Lisa made sure to connect me him. Lisa and Wency have a long standing relationship and they have completed many home transactions together. I truly believe this is one of the most important things that allowed us to buy a home successfully: because of the finance company she recommended we work with, the person who sold our home actually accepted our offer at listing (!) because we were able to close the transaction in 15 days!!!

Let me repeat that again: together with Wency, the loan officer Lisa recommended, we offered exactly what the the condo was listed at and they accepted our offer in 24 hours!!! My husband and I were shocked to say the least! We were sure they were going to counter offer us and I actually wanted to offer more than the list price because I truly wanted this property. Aside from that, another party actually offered more then we did, but because of Wency and how clean our offer was, they took our lowed priced offer with a 21-day close and Wency actually beat it by closing in 15 days!

But Lisa’s help didn’t stop there: not only was she at the signing table with us, she has actually connected me to home renovation professionals she has directly worked with to help with the installation of lighting in our condo and it gets even better: as a gift, she not only purchased us a home warranty but arranged for 2 hours of home and furniture design with a stager she works with as well! Lisa didn’t just leave me when the transaction closed, she is still helping me along to ensure that everything with my new home is smooth as can be. I actually joked that the idea of staging a two-bedroom condo coming from a junior one bedroom apartment is more stressful than the actual home buying process itself!!!

One other thing I wanted to mention: during the home search and the process of attending open houses, Lisa made sure to get me appointments to see homes when it was convenient for me, even if it wasn’t during an open house. Because of that, it further helped shaped our housing search along and helped us decide what home we wanted to make an offer on.

Lisa, my husband and I joke that the process with her was truly the immaculate transaction: we only went to two weekends of open houses, made an offer at list price for a condo at the top of our budget that we thought we wouldn’t be able to afford (because we expected a counter), the offer was accepted in less than 24 hours, and with the help of Wency from Private Mortgage Advisors we closed in 15 days and got our keys on the 16th day. The entire process from first open house to receiving of keys literally took 28 days. I will say that prior to actually going to our first open house, Lisa and I worked to prepare my family’s financials with Wency for about month, but that was just because that was the time it took for me to gather all of the documentation necessary for the mortgage. As long as you have all of your documents ready and lined up, Lisa and Wency can help get the process going.

I could go on and on about how great Lisa is, but you should give her a call and see for yourself! I know that Lisa will be able to help and best guide your real estate situation.

Etherence S.
San Francisco, CA, 12/10/2018

My partner and I were first time home buyer’s and had been working with another realtor with no success when a close friend introduced us to Lisa. Right away we learned more about bidding and the market and saw progress in ways that we hadn’t experienced with our old realtor. Lisa was incredibly accessible, informed, and worked in our best interest with passion and strategy. Within months we were in contract (I know friends who looked for years) and we believe it’s all thanks to Lisa.

Lisa is an utter delight – she is super friendly and was happy to answer all of our questions and ensured we felt secure throughout the entire searching, bidding and buying process.

Lisa was professional, seemed to be able to connect with other realtors in ways that gave us an advantage and her and her team supported us in ways above and beyond their expected roles.

Kind, understanding and truly invested in us finding our dream home Lisa was our champion.

We would recommend her without hesitation – generous with her time and advice and a clearly a leader in her industry – she was just absolutely amazing!

Liliana B.
Oakland, CA, 9/30/2018

In a market like the Bay Area, I needed a realtor like Lisa who was fast on her feet, positive and savvy in helping me buy the home of my dreams. I was a first-time buyer, a single woman, a freelancer and completely new to home ownership. I went to Lisa after trying another realtor, and though we had to work together quickly, she spared no time or ideas in helping me get the home I wanted. Her strengths were communicating with the seller’s agent, and fostering an environment in which everyone got what they wanted and dreamed of from the sale. I couldn’t be more grateful to her, as she has certainly changed my life by supporting me in my endeavor.

If you’re in the Bay Area, then you know that buying a home here is like winning hunger games. If I were buying again, I would want Lisa on my team again.

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Christy C.
Oakland, CA, 8/2/2018

“Lisa is the best. She is always looking out for the best interest of her clients and goes above and beyond other realtors I know and have worked with. I highly recommend Lisa”

Robert E.
South San Francisco, May 23, 2018

Lisa Marroquin made buying my first home possible in the San Francisco Bay Area. Even with an extremely competitive housing market, Lisa was able to find a home for me and my wife in Pacifica CA. Before Lisa became our realtor we had been outbid for other homes, and it seemed like it would take a miracle to buy in the current market. We first met Lisa at an open house and I was instantly drawn to her friendly attitude and overall approachability. She was genuine in her desire to help. Lisa was able to explain things thoroughly, and stayed in constant contact with us. She made sure we didn’t miss anything, kept us updated so we fully understood the process. Due to her friendly attitude, compassion, and positivity, the process that I expected to be a stress filled one, ended up being very pleasant. I could not recommend a better realtor! I hope to purchase more homes in the future and I will absolutely be using Lisa Marroquin!

Nick S.
Pacifica, CA, 4/2/2018

My husband and I met Lisa at an open house in San Francisco in January. We had some time to speak with her about the struggles we’ve had as first-time homebuyers in the Bay Area. She listened and felt for us. She took our information down and within 24 hours found us a potential property that met our criteria.

Lisa has been so extremely helpful from the moment we first connected. We are very lucky to have met her when we did. She is quick to respond, knowledgeable and most of all, she actually cares about her clients and wants them to succeed. She works very hard and handles it all with grace. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to help in any way that she can.

I am so grateful to have her as an agent. She has a crazy amount of information. In fact, she hosts free seminars with her circle of contacts for first-time homebuyers (it’s also relevant if you need updated info or a refresher). If you need someone to help you buy or sell, please reach out to Lisa! She is a rockstar.

Melissa S.
Pacifica, CA, 3/20/2018

This. Gal. Recommended by an acquaintance, I decided to interview her along with another recommended agent. This situation was a little more difficult than my past home-selling experiences because I was working as power of attorney for a family member and trying to sell the house in California while living out of state Lisa was extremely impressive. Always upbeat and personable, she stayed in close contact with me even before committing to her…. not in a pushy way at all but in a very helpful way, all the while understanding that I might not choose her. But it ended up being no contest. Lisa has an incredible work ethic, a network of support for just about any need or situation you might have and her communication skills, which are very important to me, are above and beyond. No matter what your limitations or unusual circumstances might be, she will find a workaround even if it means going completely out of her way to make it work… and believe me, she was presented with plenty of obstacles and challenges in our case! Through the entire process, I felt like we had hit a gold mine in finding her. In my opinion and from my experience, you will not find a better agent anywhere.

Sold a Single Family home in 2018 in Pacifica, CA., 03/31/2018

Lisa was our real estate agent when we bought our first house. She was patient and responsive. We can’t wait to use her again when we buy our next house!

Zuse R.
Daly City, CA , August, 2017

It was a pleasure working with Lisa. From start to finish she was very responsive, kind, and professional. I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again. Will definitely refer her to families and friends.

Sandy C.
San Francisco, CA, July, 2017

There are no words to describe Lisa’s help and knowledge. No, one can go wrong by having her to represent them and to be part of one of your biggest decision of your life.

Elda M.
San Lorenzo, CA

Lisa demonstrated superior market knowledge and a won’t quit attitude throughout the entire home buying process. Her energy and desire to help us succeed are the reasons why we were able to get into a house so quickly. She listened and understood our unique situation and was able to use our past disappointments to our advantage. Lisa was able to do for us what our previous two agents couldn’t….get us into a home that we love.

Thank you, Lisa, for being the perfect agent at the perfect time! We really couldn’t have done it without you.

Scott B.
San Lorenzo, CA, June, 2017

I consider myself a very stringent man with over 30 years in the law enforcement field and very rarely wanting to express a desire to share a statement of gratitude for a person who is simply doing their job. The only reason I state this information is to make known the significance of this letter to me.

I am writing in regards to your employee Ms. Lisa Marroquin. She was not even our Realtor, however, I must say without Lisa, the transaction probably would have never taken place. Lisa was the most professional, honest, sincere Realtor we have ever had the pleasure of working with. She walked us through every single question, doubt and misunderstanding we had during this transaction. We have sold many homes and have never come across so many complications. However, every single time we had doubts, Lisa seemed to just call out of nowhere and subsequently assured any concerns. We had never met Lisa prior to the initiation of this sale, yet she sincerely conducted herself as a friend and confidant throughout the entire proceeding. As we say this, Lisa was always respectful and nothing less than professional. Without question, if she had not helped us, our home might not have sold.

You are probably aware of what an important asset Lisa is to your company, but it is our hope that this letter gives recognition for her sincere professionalism.

HW and CW

Lisa is a very impressive, bright, hard working woman to have in your corner. She has assisted me with research, marketing and creative ways to grow my business. She is a proactive problem solver and has an authentic passion for real estate. She shares her knowledge and is always working towards a win-win. I am truly lucky to have the opportunity to collaborate and work with Lisa Marroquin.

Suzanne A.

Lisa is my absolute go-to person for all matters real estate. She’s provided invaluable information and resources, and always delivered more than I’ve asked for. Her commitment and integrity a wonderful. I recommend Lisa to anyone considering a real estate transaction here in the Bay Area.

Nick H.

Lisa helped me sell my condo and purchase my current home. The purchasing of our second home was quite complicated, given it was a short sale and had tenants living in it. There were several times that the deal almost didn’t go through, but Lisa was up for the challenge at each turn and sealed the deal.

Lori F.
Forest Knolls, San Francisco, CA.

I used Lisa to purchase my home and she was very helpful and knowledgeable and most of all very patient with me as I couldn’t make up my mind.

Jesus H.
Excelsior, San Francisco, CA.