Ultimate Garage Sale Guide

Downsize the right way with a profitable, well-organized garage sale.

When you are downsizing, you are probably faced with the question – What to do with all of your extra stuff? Well, that is simple. Have a yard sale and cash in on all the items you no longer want, need, or use. The key to a successful garage sale is a lot of careful organization before the sale takes place. Here are nine tips to help you launch your sale and get the most money possible.

Two dates are better than one

Just like everything else in life, the sooner you commit, the more real the event becomes. So find a weekend that works for your schedule and commit to holding a garage sale. 

It is an even better idea to have a two-day sale. That way, you attract more customers, and in the end, you can make more money. 

Plan ahead

You have already done the hard work of decluttering your life as you prepare to downsize. Now all you need to do is plan out your method of approach for your sale.

This means writing up descriptions and pricing all of the items you are selling. If you are not sure what a fair price is, check out online resale sites for inspiration. 

Be realistic

The truth is that not everything is going to sell the same way. Anything in good condition will sell better than well-loved items. Kitchen stuff and baby clothes are always hot ticket items, so price those competitively for your sale.

Make sure everything is clear

Clean up the items, you are planning to sell. This will make them more attractive to your potential shoppers. 

Price clearly

The last thing you want is for your garage sale to be in full swing and then having to haggle with a customer because an item is not clearly priced. Avoid asking for best offers on items since this will turn people off from having to come up with a good purchase price. Use colorful labels to help you sight-price at a distance and save yourself some time and stress.

Bulk price similar items

Instead of laboriously going through each item you have for sale, bulk price them. Most often, this is done with children’s clothing or kitchen utensils. The most important thing here is to keep the items separately, so you know their sale price. This is where those colorful tags come in use once again. Instead of worrying that things will be shuffled around, you will know exactly the price you want for the item.

Priced to sell

Just because you think an item is worth a lot does not mean the public will concur. Make sure you are pricing your items within reason.

Displays matter

Think about your sale like a store. Consider your display and carefully arrange your items nicely. This will help people browse more easily and hopefully buy more items.

During your sale as you are making your displays, group like-items together. This helps shoppers navigate through your sale easily.

Use the proceeds well

Since you are in the process of downsizing, the last thing you should do with your garage sale profits is to go buy something new. Instead, consider saving the money for an upcoming trip or for a weekend when you want to treat yourself to something nice.

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