When newlyweds, Nick and Melissa set out to find their dream home, reality quickly set in. The excitement of starting their life together was somewhat deflated by the impossible, extremely expensive, Bay Area housing market.They were outbid on a home they liked in South San Francisco by 30%! To be outbid on a house you don’t even love is a pretty hard pill to swallow. They began to wonder if they could even afford a decent home in the Bay Area at all.

And then… they met Lisa. Lisa and the couple quickly hit it off at one of Lisa’s Open Houses. Lisa listened to the couple, heard their struggle, and started manifesting a home for them.

Within days of meeting Nick and Melissa, Lisa met a new potential client who needed help selling the family’s cosmetic fixer in Pacifica. It was a three bed, one bath home built in 1947. The Home Owner, Lillian was an artist who made a living drawing animal portraits of peoples pets. She was now at the stage in life that she had to be taken care of and sadly say goodbye to her home of 22 years while transitioning into assisted living. Lisa began working with the family’s POA to come up with a plan for selling the home, which would enable them to provide funds for a comfortable living solution for the Lillian.

As you can imagine, it was a delicate matter, and there was a lot of work to be done to get the house ready to sell. In a situation like this, there is more than one way to handle the sale. You can move the homeowner out, fix up the house, and then put it on the market. This process is lengthy and requires up-front funds to pay for the home to be fixed up and the Home Owner to be taken care of elsewhere.

With Nick and Melissa in mind, after hearing what they were looking for, Lisa knew this house was a perfect fit for them. Because their price-point was lower than the going rate of a turn-key home in the Bay Area, Lisa had a great idea that could help buy time for the Sellers while helping the Buyers to afford a house in an ideal Bay Area neighborhood. Instead of fixing up the home, Lisa’s proposed to sell it off-market to Nick and Melissa. This would allow the family time to move all the belongings Lillian had acquired in the home over the past 22 years. And there would be no need to fix it up and no bidding war to compete in for Nick and Melissa.
In the end, it was a total WIN-WIN for everyone involved. Everyone pulled together to make the sale happen. Lisa, Nick, and Melissa, along with Lillian’s family all came together to have an Estate Sale to raise money for Lillian’s care while clearing out the home and getting it ready for the next phase. The estate sale represented two families miracle. The moment in time between past and future, ending and beginning, old and young. It was a beautiful moment in the midst of transition.

We believe that miracles happen when people connect in meaningful ways. Congratulations to our new Home Owners Nick and Melissa who are living the dream!

Client Testimonials

Nick and Melissa, BUYERS

Lisa Marroquin made buying my first home possible in the San Francisco Bay Area. Even with an extremely competitive housing market, Lisa was able to find a home for me and my wife in Pacifica CA. Before Lisa became our realtor we had been outbid for other homes, and it seemed like it would take a   miracle to buy in the current market. We first met Lisa at an open house and I was instantly drawn to her friendly attitude and overall approachability. She was genuine in her desire to help. Lisa was able to explain things thoroughly, and stayed in constant contact with us. She made sure we didn’t miss anything, kept us updated so we fully understood the process. Due to her friendly attitude, compassion, and positivity, the process that I expected to be a stress filled one, ended up being very pleasant. I could not recommend a better realtor! I hope to purchase more homes in the future and I will absolutely be using Lisa Marroquin!

Nick S.

Pacifica, CA, 4/2/2018

My husband and I met Lisa at an open house in San Francisco in January. We had some time to speak with her about the struggles we’ve had as first-time homebuyers in the Bay Area. She listened and felt for us. She took our information down and within 24 hours found us a potential property that met our criteria.

Lisa has been so extremely helpful from the moment we first connected. We are very lucky to have met her when we did. She is quick to respond, knowledgeable and most of all, she actually cares about her clients and wants them to succeed. She works very hard and handles it all with grace. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to help in any way that she can. I am so grateful to have her as an agent. She has a crazy amount of information. In fact, she hosts free seminars with her circle of contacts for first-time homebuyers (it’s also relevant if you need updated info or a refresher). If you need someone to help you buy or sell, please reach out to Lisa! She is a rockstar.

Melissa S.

Pacifica, CA, 3/20/2018

Cheryl B., SELLER

This. Gal. Recommended by an acquaintance, I decided to interview her along with another recommended agent. This situation was a little more difficult than my past home-selling experiences because I was working as power of attorney for a family member and trying to sell the house in California while living out of state Lisa was extremely impressive. Always upbeat and personable, she stayed in close contact with me even before committing to her…. not in a pushy way at all but in a very helpful way, all the while understanding that I might not choose her. But it ended up being no contest. Lisa has an incredible work ethic, a network of support for just about any need or situation you might have and her communication skills, which are very important to me, are above and beyond. No matter what your limitations or unusual circumstances might be, she will find a workaround even if it means going completely out of her way to make it work… and believe me, she was presented with plenty of obstacles and challenges in our case! Through the entire process, I felt like we had hit a gold mine in finding her. In my opinion and from my experience, you will not find a better agent anywhere.

FAITHE1948, zillow.com/profile/Lisamarroquin/#reviews

Sold a Single Family home in 2018 in Pacifica, CA., 03/31/2018

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