JUST SOLD (not to the highest bidder)

3430 Kirkham St. San Francisco 
List Price $1,500,000 
Sold $1,700,000

Geraldine and James were looking for a starter home about 10 years ago. Lisa was able to help them purchase that starter home in Daly City as they were starting their family. As time went on and their family grew they realized they needed a bigger home. With their jobs in SF’s Sunset District and the kid’s schools also in the Sunset District, they knew the Sunset was where they belonged. So they called on Lisa to help them achieve this goal. They had been in search of a new home for about three years.

It wasn’t until they walked into the open house at 3430 Kirkham Street that they knew this was the perfect home for their family. Not only was the home perfect, but so was the location. With clean terms, Lisa’s positive rapport with the Listing Agent and a beautifully crafted “Love Letter” their offer was ACCEPTED!

There were several offers on the table and many of them were priced higher, but in the end, it was probably the heart-wrenching Love Letter that sealed the deal. Lisa is a pro at helping her clients craft an honest, heartfelt “Love Letter”. Because Lisa gets to know her clients so well and cares about them as people, she is able to present the full picture to the Listing Agent. Listing Agents and their clients are human. Tapping into the human element of a story, of a person’s life, of an entire family’s future and well-being… is why Lisa is in Real Estate. She loves helping people grow and achieve their biggest dreams!


Congratulations to Geraldine, James, and their beautiful kids who are now SUNSET RESIDENTS! 

Lisa is just the best! She has been so patient and supportive with my husband and I both for our first house and our current new house. She has been a part of family’s lives and has seen us as a newly married couple to now as a family of four! We couldn’t imagine a more caring and supportive person through these processes, this lady knows her field in and out, but we also couldn’t imagine not having her as part of our lives. Lisa you’re an angel and a tremendously generous and loving person. We are blessed that you entered our lives! ❤️❤️❤️
Geraldine D.

San Francisco, CA

Stay tuned… they will be selling their starter home in Original Daly City with Lisa next. It will be on the market in Mid-March. If you know anyone looking for a 3 bedroom – 2 bath home, please give Lisa a call today 415-867-5358!

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