How To Build a Custom Command Center

With Back-to-School right around the corner, you’ve probably already started gearing up for the new school year… Right? If not, don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s hard to switch gears when summer-fun is still in full effect. But getting organized is a sure way to get motivated and even excited for the new year. A Family Command Center is a space that keeps track of all your families’ tasks. You can use a desk, a counter, a shelf but it’s best to keep most of the organization on the wall so the table area doesn’t become a cluttered mess you want to avoid. Here are step by step directions for planning your own Family Command Center. Customize your command center to fit your families’ needs. You can add decor, fun quotes, photos, a clock, etc. Many of the items pictured were found at Pottery Barn but Amazon, IKEA, and Target are also great places to find similar items to fit your needs. Have fun and get the whole family involved!

1. CHOOSE A LOCATION The kitchen is usually the best location but other convenient areas such as the entryway work well too.

2. CHALKBOARD OR WHITEBOARD Purchase a decorative chalkboard at Pottery Barn or Amazon or paint the wall with chalkboard paint you can get from any craft store to create a space for daily notes, and shopping and to-do lists.

3. CALENDAR/BULLETIN BOARD Hang a wall calendar or use a chalkboard or whiteboard calendar, a monthly calendar, a weekly calendar or both.

4. DROP ZONE for EACH FAMILY MEMBER Mail slots, cubby holes or baskets can be used for a place to drop and grab important items such as keys, permission slips, library books, etc. Be sure the little ones can easily reach their personal drop zone.

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