The house was perfect, the price was right, the offer was strong. It was our client’s first time bidding on a home and she got it! That’s right, unheard of in the Bay Area. Beginners luck? We think not. And after you read the whole story, we think you’ll agree that sometimes the stars align when it’s meant to be. Having an experienced Realtor on your side doesn’t hurt either!

JUST SOLD for $600,000 – Single Family Home in Richmond CA, 3 BR, 1 BA, built in 1928, 1547 sq. feet – remodeled designer kitchen, formal dining room, hardwood floors, fireplace, detached bonus artist studio

We met our client at an Open House for a below-market property we were showing. She was eager to find a solution to her problem of wanting to own her own home. As a single woman, her challenge was affordability. Even though she was a professional filmmaker who made a good salary she was working with one income, and we all know that in the Bay Area one income doesn’t go very far.  She had been working with another Realtor for almost two years and was unable to find a home within her budget. She thought a below-market property was the solution but after meeting with us, we were able to get her qualified for a regular sale which is a much better investment in the long run, she was thrilled.

We found her a home she loved, we helped her craft a beautiful love letter to the sellers which we found out later was a huge factor in getting our offer accepted over other all-cash offers. Since she had never written an offer before, she didn’t realize just how fortunate she was at this moment. About a week into the process after her offer was accepted she began to get cold feet. She started talking herself out of the deal, saying that even though she loved the house, maybe the neighborhood wasn’t quite right for her. She was used to her neighborhood and wasn’t sure this was a good fit anymore. She backed out. We were shocked. But we supported her decision and were able to secure her deposit so she didn’t lose anything.

It was back to the drawing board as the home search continued. We searched in her neighborhood and similar neighborhoods but she quickly realized the homes she could afford in these neighborhoods didn’t compare to the beautiful home she had fallen in love with initially. She wanted her house back.

We had to act fast. Since it had been less than a week since she had pulled out of the deal the sellers had not yet accepted another offer. Lisa was able to convince the seller and listing agent we were serious this time. We made our terms great again and were only closing one day later than originally planned. But wait, more good news… The appraisal came in $30K higher than the purchase price and our client was ecstatic. Not only were we able to save the house for her, but she was walking into the deal with $30K in equity before even moving in.

We think this house was meant for her and we know that our sense of urgency saved the deal. If we hadn’t quickly started showing her other properties when she backed out of the deal, she wouldn’t have had time to change her mind after getting cold feet. We understand that buying a home is no small thing. So when she had cold feet we were compassionate. Even though we were completely shocked, we wanted to make sure she was confident in her choice. In the end she was.

Client Testimonial

In a market like the Bay Area, I needed a realtor like Lisa who was fast on her feet, positive and savvy in helping me buy the home of my dreams.  I was a first-time buyer, a single woman, a freelancer and completely new to home ownership. I went to Lisa after trying another realtor, and though we had to work together quickly, she spared no time or ideas in helping me get the home I wanted.  Her strengths were communicating with the seller’s agent, and fostering an environment in which everyone got what they wanted and dreamed of from the sale.  I couldn’t be more grateful to her, as she has certainly changed my life by supporting me in my endeavor.

If you’re in the Bay Area, then you know that buying a home here is like winning hunger games. If I were buying again, I would want Lisa on my team again.

Christy C. , BUYER

Oakland, CA, 8/2/2018

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