Planting Seeds of Connection for 2020



2020 Calendar Project

Well, here we are mid-way through December approaching a new year AND decade. It’s been quite a journey and as we move into 2020, we are thinking about what intentions we want to focus on in the coming year/decade. We know for sure that we want to be more present and build stronger, deeper connections with our community and loved ones. It’s more important than ever before as things heat up in our government and our country becomes more and more divided. 

Each year we create a handy 6″x6″ calendar that we give as gifts to our community in South City. This year we are expanding on that and have added a Noe Valley Calendar. The purpose of these calendars is to showcase the unique style of the neighborhood by highlighting businesses we stand behind and want to promote.

When someone is buying a home they are not just buying the lot the home is built on, they are buying into a neighborhood… a community. We love our community and want to help the businesses that work so hard to keep their doors open succeed.

This holiday season consider buying local and supporting small business, especially one of our featured merchants! You can pick up a copy of the calendar by visiting any of the merchants from the calendars (which are listed below) and you’ll be killing two birds with one stone, supporting local business and picking up a copy of the calendar!

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