When Lisa started her journey in real estate she had big goals. Her goals had more to do with building community and empowering women than building wealth for herself. She believes that financial freedom comes naturally when we are on the right path and “paying it forward”. Women on the Rise began as a seed that Lisa planted out of this burning desire to pay it forward. Lisa is surrounded by businesswomen who are doing amazing things not only in business but in life. She has seen their struggles and felt their pain and she believes women should unite and empower each other.

Together We Are Stronger Braver Smarter Women

When Lisa met Montserrat Sauceda coowner of Antigua Coffee Shop in South City, she was amazed by her drive and perseverance. Montserrat, who goes by Monse, had similar goals around women empowerment and wanted to inspire and elevate other women as well. Both Lisa and Monse had worked extremely hard to get to this point in life and they both struggled in very different ways leading them to this moment. They could relate to one another even though they came from very different walks of life and they knew there were other women who could also relate. Together they began to attract a community of Stronger Braver Smarter Women united in the desire to elevate one another.


So they began to water this little seed and gave it a name: Women on the Rise! They found ways to bring like-minded women together and focused on building community by hosting events at Antigua. They wanted these events to be symbolic of their goals of creating and growing something beautiful in the community so these events were centered around creation and growth. Whether the event was a Paint & Sip Party or Plant & Sip Party their goal was to take it to the next level so they invited inspiring women to speak at each event. Women from various walks of life who had something valuable to share joined the party and brought encouraging lessons of life and business. Lisa and Monse would then present the speaker with a Certificate of Appreciation.

A Pivotal Moment for Women on the Rise

The topic of work/life balance has been a reoccurring subject that Lisa and Monse realize is key. The role women play in the business world is tricky and challenging. “As women, we must fight for equality in the business world while continuing to cultivate our home life and families.” Lisa and Monse, along with their community of likeminded women, have pledged to ELEVATE one another by finding ways to inspire, encourage, and support each other. 

The little seed they had planted was growing and then on March 14, 2019 Karyl Matsumoto, The Mayor Of South San Francisco asked Lisa and Monse to read and accept a proclamation declaring March as Women’s History Month. This was a pivotal moment for Women on the Rise and Lisa and Monse knew this was just the beginning of something very special in South City.

In March of 2018, Monse and Lisa attended the 32nd Annual Women’s Hall of Fame Leadership Conference in San Mateo together. When they left the conference they were totally uplifted and excited and wondered why there wasn’t such a conference in South San Francisco. So they set out to change that. They began planning and inviting other local South City women to get involved. They spoke with South San Francisco, Mayor, Karyl Matsumoto who was very supportive and offered to not only endorse the event but  to also give the opening remarks at the event. Lisa and Monse were then able to enlist Jane Simbre, Leslie Lew and Alison Krawiec-Thayer from the Women’s Wellness Center of South San Francisco. With all the key players in place, they all worked together to plan and bring you ELEVATE Women’s Conference – South San Francisco.

You are cordially invited to join Lisa, Monse, and Women on the Rise along with the Women’s Wellness Center on Sat, September 14, 2019, 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM for their first annual South San Francisco Women’s Conference!

“We believe in the power of sisterhood, so we are coming together to Elevate ourselves and one another. We have a full day of speakers lined up, catered breakfast and lunch, and a super empowering hand’s-on activity!”

307 Walnut Ave. South San Francisco, CA 94080 – DOORS OPEN AT 8:30 AM BREAKFAST AND LUNCH INCLUDED


All proceeds will benefit The Breast Cancer Emergency Fund – a Bay Area nonprofit providing financial assistance to low-income individuals battling Breast Cancer

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