The loss of a loved one is sorrowful and can be overwhelming for those tasked with managing the various aspects of the decedent’s estate. Inherited real estate may have to be processed through probate proceedings if the property is not held in a trust or vested in a way that transfers to a successor. As a C.A.R. Certified Probate Specialist, I partner with you and your legal counsel (if applicable) to facilitate the sale of real estate in accordance with California Probate Code, ensuring critical probate specific details are addressed, reducing risk, and giving you peace of mind. Call me today to learn more.


When real estate is protected from probate by a trust, it makes it much easier for a trustee to sell the property. However, there are important details that your REALTOR® needs to ensure get handled properly, such as confirming title and preparing the proper forms and disclosures. Call me to learn more.

Sharon Bohoman

Buying or selling real estate can be a complex journey stirring a variety of emotions, especially during key life transitions. I am a solution driven Real Estate Advisor with a network of professional resources and a passion for helping buyers and sellers understand and navigate the varying dynamics of real estate transactions. My priority is to ensure your best interests are served through every step of the process. Let’s talk about how I can help you. Call me today for a free consultation.