Is the American Dream Still Possible in the Bay Area?

When couple, Scott and Elda were informed that the house they had called home for several years had been sold and they would be forced to move within 30 days, they decided to look at their situation as an opportunity to go after the “American Dream” with the purchase of their own home. They were tired of renting and paying someone else’s mortgage but time, coupled with low inventory in one of the highest priced markets in the world, they were prepared for a challenge. If this was going to happen, they needed to get creative and work fast so they knew that the Realtor they chose for the job would be the most important deciding factor. They chose to work with Realtor, Lisa Marroquin because  Lisa is known in the industry for her problem-solving skills. They could tell right from their very first meeting that Lisa was determined to find them the perfect home within the tight timeframe. With all her years of experience in the industry, Lisa was sure she was the one for the job and she was ready for the challenge!

Lisa listened to her new clients with intensity and did her homework. She realized that in order to get the couple everything they wanted in a home they were going to need to pull their resources and find more funds. So the couple decided to partner up with Elda’s son Carlos, who would allow them to afford a home that would suit their needs. The solution was a win-win for the couple and Elda’s son who was also interested in investing in property in the future. This solution allowed him to invest sooner than expected.

Next challenge: TIME. Lisa prepared for an extremely effective home-search so that when they went out on their first tour they would have plenty of options right out the gate. Her strategy was to show them a variety of homes within their budget that she knew met their criteria so that they would be sure to find something right away. After all, they didn’t have even one day to waste.  As planned, Lisa was able to show them a home they loved the very first weekend they went out looking. They put an offer together right away… and won!

It wasn’t until after the sale of this home that we learned that the Sellers had been trying to sell their home for quite awhile with several complications. They had put it on the market and taken it off, then put it back on several times. Wondering if it was the right time, they decided to try again and that’s when they met the future buyer’s, Scott, Elda, and Carlos along with Lisa. When her clients fell in love with the home, nothing was gonna stop Lisa from accomplishing what she set out to do. When complications arose, she handled it. And when the Seller’s got nervous about different issues they had faced previously, she handled them with care. In the end, everybody got exactly what they wished for. Lisa’s offer was so strong and clean, her terms were so tight, and her package was so competitive, they chose her offer over two all-cash offers with an FHA loan which usually takes 30 to 45 days to close but Lisa closed in 16 days!

Below is a letter that was written to Lisa’s broker after the transaction. But the letter is not from the clients she represented, the letter is from the homeowners,  who were so pleased with Lisa’s ability to find solutions. This letter say’s it all, and Lisa’s reaction to the letter was priceless… She said this: “If I can use my years of experience in the real estate industry to help make dreams come true by finding creative win-win solutions then there is no doubt that I’m on the right path, I love what I do!”


Dear Mr. Birmingham,


I consider myself a very stringent man with over 30 years in the the law enforcement field and very rarely wanting to express a desire to share a statement of gratitude for a person who is simply doing their job.  The only reason I state this information is to make known the significance of this letter to me.


I am writing in regards to your employee Ms. Lisa Marroquin.  She was not even our Realtor, however, I must say without Lisa, the transaction probably would have never taken place. Lisa was the most professional, honest, sincere Realtor we have ever had the pleasure of working with. She walked us through every single question, doubt and misunderstanding we had during this transaction. We have sold many homes and have never come across so many complications. However, every single time we had doubts, Lisa seemed to just call out of nowhere and subsequently assured any concerns. We had never met Lisa prior to the initiation of this sale, yet she sincerely conducted herself as a friend and confidant throughout the entire proceeding. As we say this, Lisa was always respectful and nothing less than professional. Without question, if she had not helped us, our home might not have sold.


You are probably aware of what an important asset Lisa is to your company, but it is our hope that this letter gives recognition for her sincere professionalism.


Respectfully submitted,

HW and CW


YES, the AMERICAN DREAM is still possible in the Bay Area and Lisa keeps proving it! If you need help attaining your “American Dream” contact Lisa. Around here, we call her the Industrius Realtor, let her show you just how it’s done.

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